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On the Hungaroring, Yadea Unveiled Its High-Performance Electric Motorcycles to Appeal to a Green and Low-Carbon Lifestyle

26 marzo 2023 | 07.43
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BUDAPEST, Hungary, March 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Yadea (01585.HK), the world's leading electric two-wheeler brand, is excited to announce its first Test Ride event at the renowned Hungaroring circuit in Hungary, which gave attendees the opportunity to experience Yadea's latest models and get a feel for the company's commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The perfect expression of racing spirit, Yadea Keeness, is equipped with a self-developed 10 kW mid-drive motor with a Max.speed reaching 100KM/H, giving an impressive performance for thrill seekers. Its dual 72V/32Ah lithium batteries come with a feature of ultra-high energy density and are removable for charging, making it a perfect choice for the young to have a light travel experience without low battery anxiety. The outline of an airplane wing expresses a sense of speed and power, appealing to the new generation who seek excitement and individuality. At the same time, Yadea VlotGuard and Yadea Fierider models also embrace the same racing spirit, offering electric motorcycles with high performance that are sure to delight racing enthusiasts.

In addition, Yadea E8S is equipped with self-developed TTFAR range-extended system, with a Max.power of 3000W TTFAR motor and 72V/38Ah graphene battery. The battery is designed with extra-large plate grid, which makes the capacity about 20%-25% higher than other batteries in the same volume and the whole range is significantly about 50%. Thus, the lifetime of the graphene battery is THREE times longer than that of other batteries. It is noteworthy that this graphene battery comes with a two-year warranty as well. With this innovative technology, Yadea is filling a gap in the marketplace, providing efficient, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective solutions to users in Hungary.

The event at the Hungaroring is just one way to share Yadea's passion for sustainable green transportation with the world. Yadea's other electric scooters have been well received by the Hungarian market. It is said that Yadea Group is going to expand its distribution channels to provide excellent service to its customers in Hungary, demonstrating the company's commitment to high-performance electric motorcycles and green technology.

As a global enterprise, Yadea has provided the best products and services to 70 million users and built a network of 40,000+ retailers worldwide. With the slogan "Electrify Your Life", Yadea will continue focusing on green technology innovation to deliver superior electric mobility solutions, creating a new generation that's identified by a low-carbon lifestyle and bringing a wonderful journey and the ultimate riding experience to human beings.

For more information, please visit the

Official Website:https://www.yadea.com/


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/YADEA.GLOBAL/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/YadeaGlobal

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