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Atos modernizes its cloud platform with StorPool Storage

22 giugno 2021 | 06.01
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SOFIA, Bulgaria, June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Atos is a global leader in digital transformation with 110,000 employees and annual revenue of €12 billion. European number one in Cloud, High-Performance Computing and Cybersecurity, the group provides tailored end-to-end solutions for all industries in 73 countries.

To beat hyperscalers, grow Atos Virtual Oracle Computing (VOC) Hotel revenues and maximize profits from the service, they needed to upgrade their platform. So, the VOC Hotel 2.0 project was launched. The aim was to continue providing top-quality services while decreasing operating overheads. Atos needed a storage solution with utmost reliability and pay-per-use billing aligned with the pricing model provided to VOC Hotel customers. Ideally, the solution would run on cost-effective hardware - with advanced functions delivered by software.

Atos selected the StorPool Storage platform for the extreme reliability and speed they observed from a StorPool system deployed on standard servers fully stacked with NVMe SSDs. StorPool solved the hardware lifecycle management issues which Atos was battling with for years. The new storage system delivered an always-online environment, which doesn't require service downtimes and survives hardware failures - providing an always-on 24x7 hosting platform.

With the new StorPool-powered platform, Atos easily replaces hardware components like failed servers or SSDs, and performs software and firmware upgrades in-flight - without impacting customer applications.

As a result, Atos reported a notable decrease in costs per TB for storage licenses and maintenance, leading to an overall cost reduction. Using StorPool's best-in-class SDS platform allowed Atos to build a public cloud service with unmatched flexibility, reliability and speed. The company streamlined hardware lifecycle and cost management, improved its operations, and eliminated the customer-visible maintenance windows and service downtimes.

"The StorPool product is perfect from cost, flexibility (grow-as-you-go), and performance point of view. Second - and for us equally important - is the way the StorPool team helps us to build the most advanced hosting platform and their fast and committed support in case of an issue.", Hink Wiersema, Product Manager and Architect at Atos.

StorPool Storage is an agile storage platform designed for large-scale cloud infrastructure, which helps companies gain the competitive edge they need to excel in their markets. StorPool converts sets of standard servers into primary storage systems. Its team has experience working with various clients - Managed Services Providers, Hosting Services Providers, Cloud Services Providers, Еnterprises, and SaaS vendors.

Read this Success Story at: https://storpool.com/storpool_case-study_atos_2021

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