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planqc awarded EUR 29 million contract from the DLR to build and install scalable neutral-atom quantum computer

05 maggio 2023 | 13.42
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- Picture is available at AP Images (http://www.apimages.com) -

GARCHING, Germany and MUNICH, May 5, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- planqc has been selected by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) to develop a digital neutral-atom-based quantum computing hardware and software platform that is scalable and can demonstrate quantum algorithms for real-world problems. The award is valued at 29 million EUR. planqc teams up with Menlo Systems and ParityQC who will provide critical components for the laser systems, software, and architecture. This is the first sale of a digital quantum computer based on neutral atoms in Europe. The award comes at a time of impressive growth for the company and follows the appointment of Hermann Hauser as board advisor. The start-up planqc was founded in April 2022 in Garching near Munich (Germany). The founding team builds on decades of groundbreaking research and technology development at Munich's Max Planck Institute of Quantum Optics (MPQ).

"We are very proud that DLR relies on planqc as the technology leader in the field of neutral atoms to build a quantum computer. This order is an important milestone in our commercialization and growth strategy, which envisages expanding into other key industries and opening up global markets as a next step." Says Alexander Glätzle, CEO and Co-Founder of planqc.

For more information visit to www.planqc.eu 


Melanie de GamaTelephone: +436641837034E-mail: melanie@planqc.eu

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