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smartShift and ASUG Research Reveals SAP Customers Mitigate Custom Code While Embracing Automation

28 febbraio 2023 | 14.01
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BOSTON, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- smartShift, a company offering SAP companies a better way to migrate and optimize custom code, announced the results of a joint research project with ASUG (Americas' SAP Users' Group).

Companies making the transition to SAP S/4HANA face barriers to upgrading their systems. One of the key challenges is determining how to manage their ABAP custom code as they change systems. The methods customers cited have taken one of three paths: using their internal resources, using partner resources or using resources from SAP. While many have persevered, each one has had its challenges.

"Our research with smartShift reveals the challenges SAP customers face when it comes to managing custom code, especially as they evolve to new SAP environments. There are clear benefits to using automation and our research points them out," said Marissa Gilbert, Research Director, ASUG.

"When it comes to managing custom code, most organizations want a proven way that delivers guaranteed outcomes without risking a business disruption. Regardless of  how big the custom code base is or how complex we guarantee the business outcome. Our patented AI-powered automated solution and software driven approach enables us to remediate and transform custom code in weeks rather than months. We've done this in more than 3,000 SAP systems. It simply works and our customers and partners tell us that there is no other solution like it in the market!" said smartShift CEO, Derek Oats.

Many SAP customers reported that they are either neutral or dissatisfied with their approach to managing custom code. These approaches have relied on manual code remediation with some tool support. They tend to be labor intensive, time consuming and risky. As an alternative, fully automated solutions like those offered by smartShift, improve efficiencies, reduce manual work and accelerate digital transformation. They can also help SAP customers set themselves up for the future by modernizing their entire application infrastructure.

Watch this webcast to learn more about the ASUG research findings:https://www.asug.com/events/how-to-address-custom-code-for-sap-transformation

Click here to access the full report:https://smartshift.com/smartshift-and-asug-the-impact-of-custom-code/

About ASUGASUG is the world's largest SAP user group. Originally founded by a group of visionary SAP customers in 1991, its mission is to help people and organizations get the most value from their investment in SAP technology. ASUG currently serves thousands of businesses via companywide memberships, connecting more than 130,000 professionals with networking and educational resources to help them master new challenges. Through in-person and virtual events, on-demand digital resources, and ongoing advocacy for its membership, ASUG helps SAP customers make more possible.

About smartShiftsmartShift offers a better way for SAP customers to migrate and optimize their custom code. With its patented AI-powered solutions, smartShift delivers secure, stable, and optimized code in weeks rather than the months required by conventional approaches. smartShift is trusted by many of the world's largest SAP customers and has been used to modernize over 3,000 SAP systems, converting over 2.5 billion lines of code. smartShift offers a fixed price, fixed timeline solution with a 100% quality guarantee.

ContactCorporate CommunicationsDarshita SrivastavaE-Mail: dsrivastava@smartshift.com

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