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Unilumin original design won 4 iF Awards

06 maggio 2023 | 11.20
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BERLIN, May 6, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Recently, the XS, LRS, UHPⅢ and UpanelSⅡ series products designed originally by Unilumin Group have been chosen and honored by the iF awards among more than 11,000 entries around the world. Unilumin has become the only enterprise in the LED industry to have four products awarded by this international authority award in once.

Since the German iF design award was established in 1953, it has been recognized as the one of the most prestigious design prizes in the world, which is the Oscars award of the design world.

The single cabinet of Unilumin's XS series product has 9 angle adjustment gears, ± 40 ° ultra-wide arc range to achieve the "S" shape. The screen is so smooth that it can realize a variety of creative shapes.

To create a hoistable product, Unilumin designers considered the left and right pull during installation so that they designed a triangular structure to meet the mechanical need. In addition, the product's arc lock on both sides enables adjustment of arc screen. Combined with the power push-button maintenance design, it is both sophisticated and user-friendly.

The LRS series products realize a perfect balance between cost and design. In order to make the power box maintenance efficient and convenient, a modular design is adopted for the product to integrate the power source, receiver card, and HUB card into the power supply box. To realize cost control, the rounded design of the bottom of the cabinet also ensures the comfort of use.

The UHPⅢ series products have simple and elegant appearances. Through the contrast in color and material, two-color masking and spraying technology is used for the back cover of the cabinet to generate a unique impact. Hidden handle, detachable rear cover design provide clients with the convenience of post-maintenance installation.

The UpanelSⅡ series which have continuously won Japan Good Design Award, Red Dot Award and iF Design Award, represents the design level of Unilumin's high-end small pitch products. Multilateral folding surfaces and folding lines are extensively used for the products.

From the concept of design , the sketch design and review, effect drawing and modeling,to the process guidance drawing production and product implementation, Unilumin,the representative brand of Chinese LED industry, has demonstrated the international-level capability in the original design of industrial products.

Photos -https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2071193/creative_display.jpg https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2071194/LRS_series_product_design_draft.jpg

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