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Cognivia expands its portfolio of predictive solutions introducing Compl-AI©™, an innovative solution that predicts the risk of patient nonadherence & dropout

23 maggio 2023 | 15.01
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Compl-AI©™is proven to predict treatment non-adherence and dropout risk. With the use of Compl-AI, patient recruitment and engagement strategy may be optimized to improve patient outcomes. Learn more about Compl-AI in an Xtalks webinar on June 21.

MONT-SAINT-GUIBERT, Belgium, May 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Cognivia, a clinical trial technology company that combines machine learning with a sophisticated evaluation of patient characteristics and traits, is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation: Compl-AI©™.

Compl-AI is a predictive tool that helps clinical trial sponsors optimize patient recruitment and engagement strategies. Nonadherence in clinical trials and high rates of dropout make efficacy and safety more difficult to determine. Compl-AI gets in front of this common challenge by scoring patient behavior at screening using machine learning. The Compl-AI patient behavior score enables individualized patient engagement strategies. Beyond clinical research, Compl-AI offers healthcare providers a unique approach to tailor and optimally adjust their patient support for better treatment adherence.

"Cognivia is dedicated to cracking the code on the complex relationship between patient traits and behavior," said CEO Dominique Demolle, PhD. "Individual patient characteristics and experiences have a significant impact on clinical trial data. With Compl-AI, we are excited with the potential to personalize patient engagement strategies and continue to push drug development into a new frontier."

Using Compl-AI, sponsors can detect the risk of non-compliance and drop out risk before the start and monitor it over the course of their clinical trial. To learn more about how Compl-AI works and the advantages of this innovative approach, join CEO Dominique Demolle, PhD, and COO Chantal Gossuin for an Xtalks webinar on June 21:

Patient Adherence and Engagement: Predicting Non-Adherence and Dropout Risks

Register for the webinar here, or learn more about Compl-AI here.

About Cognivia

Cognivia is the first and only company to combine quantification of patient psychology with artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) to improve the measurement of therapeutic efficacy in clinical trials - and beyond. Cognivia technologies predict patient behavior and treatment response in clinical trials using predictive ML-powered algorithms based on a quantitative understanding of patient psychological traits, expectations, and beliefs collected via our own and specific questionnaires developed toward that objective. Cognivia aims at harnessing "the power of the mind" and quantifies this unique phenomenon to improve clinical trial success rates, de-risk drug development and ultimately improve healthcare.


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