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Christians keeping faith in the Middle East says Francis

29 settembre 2016 | 12.43
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Mideast Christian communities fear for the future but have not lost their religious faith or hope, Francis told aid workers at the Vatican on Thursday in an audience attended by UN special envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura.

"Christian communities of the Middle East suffer the consequences of violence and look to the future with fear," Francis told representatives of Catholic charities working in Syria, Iraq and neighbouring countries.

"But in the midst of so much darkness, these Churches hold high the lamp of faith, hope and charity," Francis said.

Christians are showing bravery by helping all those who are suffering in the region where millions of refugees are forced to seek shelter and protection, Francis stated.

"Christians in the Middle East today are a clear sign of God’s mercy. They have the admiration, recognition and support of the universal Church," the pontiff concluded.

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