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Fincantieri floats out first LNG cruise ship for Princess Cruises

08 marzo 2023 | 12.23
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Fincantieri floats out first LNG cruise ship for Princess Cruises

Fincantieri has floated out the 'Sun Princess' - the largest ship ever built in Italy and the first of two LNG cruise liners ordered by US-owned Princess Cruises - at its Monfalcone yard, the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

At 175,500 gross tonnes, the 'Sun Princess' will be delivered in the first three months of next year. It is the first LNG cruise ship ever built by Fincantieri, and the first dual-fuel vessel powered primarily by LNG to enter the Princess Cruises' fleet, said the statement.

The 'Sun Princess' is the first cruise liner in the Sphere class, which includes a sister-ship to be delivered in 2025. The two ships will accommodate 4,300 guests each and are based on a next-generation platform design, the statement said.

LNG (liquefied natural gas) is the marine industry’s most environmentally friendly advanced fuel technology and the world’s cleanest fossil fuel, and will significantly reduce atmospheric emissions and marine gasoil usage, the statement underlined.

Owned by Carnival Corporation, Princess Cruises is a leading international cruise line and tour company operating a fleet of 15 modern cruise ships. It carries millions of passengers each year to 380 destinations worldwide, according to the statement.

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