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Hamas seeks 'clash' between Muslims and the West says Tajani

06 dicembre 2023 | 14.04
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Hamas seeks 'clash' between Muslims and the West says Tajani

Western nations must avoid the "trap" being laid by Islamist Palestinian group Hamas, a terrorist organisation that wants them to "clash" with Muslims, Italy's foreign minister Antonio Tajani argues.

"We must avoid falling into the trap set by Hamas, which seeks a clash between the Muslim world and the West," Tajani told the Adnkronos Forum in Rome on Wednesday.

"'We have excellent relations with the Arab world, however Hamas is a terrorist organisation," Tajani underlined.

Tajani blamed Hamas alone for Israel's devastating two-month-old war in Gaza which was sparked by Hamas' gruesome cross-border attack on 7 October, in which 1,200 people were slain and 240 taken hostage.

"The Palestinian people has nothing to do with Hamas' violence," Tajani said. "It is a victim of Hamas, which is using civilians as human shields," he added.

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