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Italy-Moldova relations 'excellent'

23 febbraio 2022 | 16.56
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Benedetto Della Vedova
Benedetto Della Vedova

Relations between Italy and Moldova are "excellent" foreign undersecretary Benedetto Della Vedova and Moldova’s foreign minister Nico Popescu agreed during talks on Wednesday in Chisinau.

“Italy has warmly welcomed the pro-European stance of the new Moldovan government," Della Vedova told Popescu, according to a foreign ministry statement.

"We strongly support the reforms agenda and we are ready to provide our expertise in this regard, in order to help the country pursue its path leading to European Union accession”.

The talks began with an exchange of views on the security situation in the region and on the Ukrainian crisis. Cooperation between Italy and Moldova was at the centre of the talks, which covered justice and domestic affairs to the multilateral sphere, the statement said.

During their talks, Della Vedova stressed to Popescu Italy’s support for Moldova’s participation in the UN peacekeeping missions in southern Lebanon (UNIFIL) and in Kosovo (KFOR), the statement noted.

Della Vedova also underlined "the excellent relations existing between the two countries, underpinned by the large and active Moldovan community in Italy, the entrepreneurial dynamism of Italian businesses in Moldova, and solid bilateral economic ties," said the statement.

During his visit to Moldova, Della Vedova and Moldova’s education minister Anatolie Topala signed an accord on the mutual recognition of educational qualifications between their countries, the statement concluded.

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