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Italy organises two exhibitions in Armenian capital

02 settembre 2019 | 16.05
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Two Italian contemporary art exhibitions open in Armenia's capital Yerevan this week, which aim to explore the city with a special focus on "individual stories," the foreign ministry said on Monday in a statement.

'Ogni dove' (Everywhere) by Bianco-Valente will kick off on Wednesday with the letters in Armenian appearing on a major installation on the Italian embassy's facade, the flags on the buildings of institutions taking part in the project, and on lengths of cloth hand-painted by citizens and hung from balconies, said the statement.

Citizens are also being invited to write the words on their palm and share the photo on social media, the statement added..

The exhibition "thus becomes a widespread collective work of art involving residents as well as Armenian diaspora," the statement said.

Franz Cerami’s LIGHTING FLOWERS and REMIX PORTRAITS, a series of nighttime video mapping projections will start in the suburbs of Yerevan before lighting up the magnificent Opera Theatre and the Italian Embassy, Yerevan's suburbs, forgotten places and passageways "like luminous and resilient flowers", according to the statement.

Cerami's 'digital painting' will virally expand over the city and, on will Saturday will accompany a concert by the National Chamber Orchestra of Armenia, the statement concluded.

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