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Italy: Support for Ukraine unwavering

06 dicembre 2023 | 14.30
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Italy: Support for Ukraine unwavering

Italy and western nations "have not changed their minds" and continue to fully back Ukraine in its 651-day-old war with Russia, which must end with "a just peace," according to foreign minister Antonio Tajani.

"There is no weakening in our resolve or that of the others," Tajani told the Adnkronos Forum in Rome when asked if he thought the West was growing weary of the Ukraine conflict and that Russia was gaining the upper hand.

"Wars are long and cause many deaths but we have not changed our minds or our position," Tajani said.

"We continue to support Ukraine from all points of view. Italy and the international community back international law and the goal that must be achieved is that of a just peace," he said.

A solution to the conflict cannot include Russia's occupation of Ukraine, Tajani underlined.

Support for Ukraine was at the centre of the most recent NATO meeting and the Alliance has set up a permanent joint working group with the war-torn country, he noted.

Italy also remains committed to Ukraine's reconstruction, "especially that of its cultural heritage," said Tajani.

"Italy is rebuilding Odessa Cathedral, which was destroyed by the Russians," Tajani recalled.

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