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Italy underlines defence of international law with bilateral Ukraine security pact

22 febbraio 2024 | 15.08
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Foreign minister and deputy premier Antonio Tajani
Foreign minister and deputy premier Antonio Tajani

A bilateral security cooperation agreement to inked by Italy and Ukraine sends a "clear message" that Italy upholds international law," foreign minister Antonio Tajani told lawmakers in Rome on Thursday.

"The value of the document that will be signed is both symbolic and political. It is a clear message to reiterate that we defend international law," Tajani told the parliament's foreign afffairs and defence committees.

"We are supporting a country of which parts, such as the power grid, are being destroyed. It means that the civilian population is at risk of living through awful times"

Italian industry is committing to helping rebuild Ukraine during the war, with its post-war reconstruction and in playing a leading role "in the future", Tajani underlined.

"There is reconstruction to be done even during the war, especially that of the (war-damaged) energy network, something which is essential in winter.

European Union candidate country Ukraine will enter the European single market, Tajani pointed out.

"It is right for Italian entrepreneurship to play role in Ukraine, where among other things, many of our companies already operate and have an important economic and political role to play."

Tajani urged the EU "to make its voice heard on Ukraine, from a clear and unambiguous position".

Political commitment to Ukraine is "a way to defend freedom and democracy and to defend a principle that a country cannot be invaded by another country with expansionist aims".

Tajani blamed the Kremlin for Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny's death last week in an Artic prison in western Siberia.

"The culprit is the regime that sent a person to a gulag to freeze to death. There is no doubt that Navalny was the victim of punishment that caused his death," Tajani said.

Italy's ruling coalition has always been united on Ukraine and the government is "ready" for parliament to debate the bilateral security cooperation accord due to be signed with Ukraine, he said

"The government must in my opinion always inform parliament even when this is not formally obligatory," Tajani stated.

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