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Italy welcomes extradition of slain Pakistani girl's father

Italy welcomes extradition of slain Pakistani girl's father
31 agosto 2023 | 18.14
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Italy on Thursday thanked Pakistan and hailed diplomatic efforts that led to extradition of Shabbar Abbas, who is accused of murdering his teenage daughter, Saman Abbas in an 'honour' killing.

"The extradition to Italy of Shabbar Abbas, accused for the murder of his daughter #Saman, is also the result of considerable diplomatic effort," Tajani tweeted.

"Grateful to Pakistan for their cooperation. Justice will now take its course,"

Abbas is understood to be arriving overnight at Rome's Ciampino airport aboard a flight from Islamabad after the government ordered his extradition on Tuesday following a a ruling by Pakistan's High Court.

Abbas will go on trial for murdering 18-year-old Saman in Novellara, northern Italy on the night of 1 May, 2021 and concealing her body. Abbas and his wife, Nazia Shaheen, fled Italy to Pakistan in April, 2021 from Malpensa airport near Milan.

Shaheen, who is still at large, Abbas's brother and two nephews are also implicated in Saman's murder.

Prosecutors allege Saman was murdered because she had a boyfriend in Italy.

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