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Meloni, Sunak mull Ukraine, AI, Africa, migration

Meloni, Sunak mull Ukraine, AI, Africa, migration
08 settembre 2023 | 18.03
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Support for war-battered Ukraine, artificial intelligence, Africa's development and migration were a focus of talks Friday between premier Giorgia Meloni and her UK counterpart Rishi Sunak.

Melon and Sunak's talks on the sidelines of the G20 summit taking place this weekend in New Delhi "focused on the preparation of the G20 Summit tomorrow and on Sunday," Meloni's office stated.

"The priority is for continued support for Ukraine with a commitment to providing security guarantees and the urgent need for an effective and global response to the main challenges facing our societies, including that of artificial intelligence," the statement went on.

The two leaders also called for joint efforts "to develop Africa as a shared opportunity, also with respect to the inhumane trafficking of migrants," the statement added.

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