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Pope says he has a 'soft spot' for old ladies

11 novembre 2016 | 13.55
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Photo: - AFP
Photo: - AFP

Pope Francis has a weakness for elderly ladies, especially "crafty" ones, he said in an interview published in a new book of his sermons and speeches while he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires.

''Sometimes I feel the urge to get out of the popemobile. And this often happens when I spot old ladies, especially the crafty ones," Francis said in the interview.

"Old people speak to you with their stare," said the pontiff, who turns 80 on 17 December.

The book 'In your eyes are my words' hit Italian bookstores this week and is edited by the director of Italian fortnightly magazine 'Civiltà Cattolica, Antonio Spadaro.

Presenting the book on Thursday at the Vatican, Spadaro said its title refers to Pope Francis’ need to look people in the eyes when he is talking to them.

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