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DMEGC Solar Sets Global Benchmark: Sihong Plant Awarded First Four-Star Zero-Carbon Certification in PV Sector by TÜV SÜD

17 ottobre 2023 | 14.52
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HENGDIAN, China, Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- DMEGC Solar's factory in Sihong, Jiangsu Province, was named a Zero Carbon Factory by TÜV SÜD on October 16, marking a historic achievement as the first photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer to receive a zero-carbon endorsement from the certification body. This recognition underscores DMEGC Solar's commitment to energy conservation and emission reduction (ECER), following their previous milestone of producing modules using 100% renewable energy in September.

As one of the first agencies authorized by the China Energy Conservation Association (CECA) to certify zero-carbon factories, TÜV SÜD, conducted a thorough and systematic assessment of DMEGC Solar's Sihong facility using the latest Evaluation Specification of Zero Carbon Factory (T/CECA-G 0171-2022). The evaluation confirmed that the Sihong plant boasts a 99% greenhouse gas offset and is powered entirely by renewable electricity. These achievements qualify the plant as a Type I Four-Star Zero Carbon Factory, cementing its position as a frontrunner in the PV sector.

DMEGC Solar signed a strategic cooperation agreement with TÜV SÜD in late July 2023, focusing on carbon neutrality and zero-carbon factories. After setting the ambitious target, the solar module maker embarked on a suite of forward-thinking initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, including the launch of a sophisticated digital intelligent management platform, refining the energy mix, and harnessing renewable energy coupled with carbon offset strategies. Additionally, the company has integrated a distributed energy generation system within its facilities to amplify the adoption of clean electricity. By retrofitting equipment and instituting precise operational controls, they've streamlined processes for cost savings and enhanced efficiency. Their holistic approach extends to greening the infrastructure of their factories, office complexes, and park amenities, paired with bolstered waste recycling protocols and resource recuperation mechanisms.

The Sihong plant, recognized as a Jiangsu Provincial Green Factory and recipient of the French Certisolis' low carbon footprint certification, is transitioning to a zero-carbon factory. In September, the plant achieved 100% renewable energy production for all PV modules, a significant step towards its carbon neutral objective. Through energy-saving modifications, such as improving laminated sections and air curtains in the exhaust heat recovery systems, the plant can save up to 870,000 kWh of power annually, reducing 594 tons of carbon dioxide emissions and avoiding 254 tons of coal consumption. This achievement reflects the company's enduring commitment and rigorous efforts in recent months.

DMEGC Solar, a leading manufacturer of high-efficiency PV modules, consistently prioritizes eco-friendly, low carbon, and sustainable practices. Since 2013, the company has been a pioneer in integrating distributed photovoltaic systems at its core manufacturing sites. Looking ahead, DMEGC Solar has ambitious plans to add 44MW of rooftop PV capacity to its factories in Sihong, Lianyungang, and Yibin. Notably, DMEGC Solar is among the trailblazing PV module producers worldwide to receive France's Low Carbon Certification. Additionally, the company's premier PV offerings have been recognized as China green design products. Underpinning these achievements, DMEGC Solar remains dedicated to powering all module production with 100% renewable energy.

The certification underscores DMEGC Solar's commitment to establishing a robust, science-based efficient energy management system, serving as a benchmark for ECER practices across both the solar PV realm as well the broader manufacturing sector. The company is poised to further champion the sector's green evolution, bolster its position as a carbon-conscious leader, and propel industry advancement through sustainable energy solutions.

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