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Żabka Group unveils its automated logistics centre in Radzymin near Warsaw

26 giugno 2023 | 11.44
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POZNAŃ, Poland, June 26, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Żabka Group has unveiled its state-of-the-art automated logistics centre in Radzymin near Warsaw, which can supply around 3,500 stores. This facility is the largest and most technologically advanced addition to Żabka Group's logistics infrastructure.


"This is one of the most modern logistics centres in Europe, the largest investment in Żabka's history, and a jewel in the crown of our logistics", said Adam Manikowski, Vice President of the Management Board of Żabka Group and Managing Director of Żabka Poland, during a meeting with journalists.

"Standing for innovation, modernity and dynamic development, the facility is what Żabka is all about", stressed Manikowski.

The logistics centre can supply products for around 3,500 stores. The project also provides for the possibility of expanding the warehouse and its further automation to make it capable of stocking up to 5,000 stores.

Spanning an impressive 60,000 square metres, the facility was built using the BTS (build-to-suit) technology, thus being tailored to Żabka's individual needs.

In addition to the so-called dry part, there is an automated high-bay warehouse with a height of nearly 40 metres. The warehouse can accommodate up to 30,000 pallets.

"Technological advancement is a pillar of Żabka Group's overall development strategy, and the launch of the logistics centre in Radzymin, as one of the most modern automated logistics centres in Europe, further confirms this. The warehouse, spanning about 60,000 square metres, is of strategic importance to us. Żabka is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, so the timing of the opening is not arbitrary. It clearly reflects our unwavering resolve to ensure sustained development of the company in a very long-term perspective", said Tomasz Suchanski, CEO of Żabka Group.

As further reported by Adam Manikowski, the logistics centre features, among other things, an automated internal transport system, a pallet silo, and Goods-To-Person picking stations which, according to the company, will guarantee a multifold boost of its operational efficiency.

"Automation will be used to complete over 70 percent of all deliveries", the Vice President said.

The new logistics centre has been designed to be energy efficient, with PV panels installed on the roof of the building and anti-smog surface across the parking lot. The idea of preserving biodiversity was taken into account already at the construction stage. Plantings were made in accordance with BREEAM requirements (trees, shrubs, flower meadow, etc.), earning the 'Excellent' rating in BREEAM International New Construction certification.

The new centre will offer up to 600 jobs. "The centre is a milestone. It will allow us not only to maintain our dynamic growth rate but also to launch more than 1,000 stores a year", the Vice President added.

Żabka's logistics network includes 8 logistics centres, from which goods are distributed to stores throughout Poland, as well as 19 transhipment terminals. Also cooperating with Żabka is a network of carriers delivering more than 2 million orders a year to more than 9,400 stores. More than 80 percent of Żabka stores use logistics services every other day.

As reported by the Vice President, Żabka's store number 10,000 is expected to be launched this autumn.

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2140369/Zabka_Group_1.jpg

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