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Africa 'continent of the future', Italy can lead development of its space sector

Italy's industry minister Adolfo Urso
Italy's industry minister Adolfo Urso
23 aprile 2024 | 14.39
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Africa is "the continent of the future" and Italy "can play a leading role" in helping develop its space sector - a crucial one for societies to come - according to Italy's industry minister Adolfo Urso.

"Italy can play a leading role in supporting the African continent's space sector," Urso said after the Italian Space Agency (ASI) and its Egyptian counterpart (EgSA) inked a cooperation accord in Cairo on Tuesday.

The MoU strengthens bilateral space science and technology collaboration between universities, research institutes and businesses with the aim of forging long-term investment and partnerships, the industry ministry said in a statement on Tuesday.

The development of Africa including its space sector is a priority for Italy's recently unveiled 5.5 billion euro 'Mattei' plan to boost the continent's stability and economic development, centred on energy, infrastructure, education, health and other key sectors, Urso noted.

"Today's accord is strategic for the development of innovative technologies which are penetrating more and more industrial sectors," Urso underlined.

"Africa is the continent of the future and the development of its space sector is critical," Urso stated,

The location of ASI's 'Luigi Broglio' Space Centre in Malindi, Kenya, shows the importance of Africa in the field, Urso said.

"It could be used by African countries, which at last also want to compete in one of the important areas for the societies of the future, Urso stated.

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