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'Clear' condemnation for Israel's aerial attack on Rafah - Italy

'Clear' condemnation for Israel's aerial attack on Rafah - Italy
27 maggio 2024 | 18.28
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Israel has received "very clear messages of condemnation" from Italy for the overnight airstrike on a tent camp in the southern Gaza town of Rafah that killed dozens of displaced Palestinians in a designated safe zone, foreign minister Antonio Tajani said on Monday.

"We have sent very clear messages to Israel condemning the Rafah attack," Tajani told 'Sky TG24 Live In Milano.

"It is necessary to avoid an escalation,"Tajani underlined.

'''We need an immediate ceasefire, the immediate release of hostages, and an end to the firing of rockets by Hamas into Israel,'' he added.

The Israeli bombing of the camp in the Tal as-Sultan district has triggered an international outcry. The attack came after airstrikes on shelters housing displaced Palestinians in other areas including Jabalia, Nuseirat and Gaza City killing at least 160 others, Palestinian officials were reported as saying.

Central Israel came under attack by Hamas rockets earlier on Sunday, which were fired from south-eastern Rafah, damaging a house north of Tel Aviv.

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