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Italy 'will never' scrub scientific accords with Israel

Italy 'will never' scrub scientific accords with Israel
23 aprile 2024 | 16.49
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Despite growing international opposition to Israel's devastating war in the Gaza Strip, Italy "will never cancel" its scientific cooperation agreements with the Jewish state, according to foreign minister Antonio Tajani.

"I will never cancel these agreements, since they were made by the foreign ministry and are scientific accords. Science has no borders," Tajani said.

Tajani was speaking on the sidelines of the a scientific, space and agricultural experts' conference.

"it's not a matter of either party or nations, if it means saving a human life, whether of a Jew, Christian, Muslim or atheist, scientific research must go on," he went on.

"Woe to those who want to stop it for political reasons. Scientific collaboration does not depend on Israel's government but is a matter between the Italian state and universities," Tajani continued.

"And as we work with so many other countries in the world, we will continue to work with Israeli universities," he said.

"Protesting is legitimate but these agreements can't be cancelled," Tajani underlined.

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