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Ukraine: Prevent Russia from winning the war - Tajani

Ukraine: Prevent Russia from winning the war - Tajani
21 maggio 2024 | 16.52
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Despite Russia's recent territorial gains in northeast and eastern Ukraine, it is "not yet" winning the war and must be stopped from doing so by continuing to help Kiev, according to Italy's foreign minister Antonio Tajani.

"We need to prevent Russia from winning and it is not yet doing so," Tajani said at an event at Rome's Villa Borghese.

"There have been some advances, but I don't believe Russia can make many more," Tajani continued.

Russia will "eventually" have to enter talks on a peace agreement, Tajani argued.

Tajani repeated previous vows that Italy is not at war with Russia and that military hardware sent to Ukraine is only to help the country keep defending itself and remain an independent democracy.

''Italy is not at war with Russia and we will never send Italian soldiers to fight in Ukraine", he said.

"We are helping defend "Ukraine's independence and freedom,'' he added.

All arms and equipment supplied "are solely for use within Ukraine's borders and not to attack Russia,'' said Tajani.

Italy's position is as at odds with the United Kingdom and the United States, whose foreign ministers have said it is up to Ukraine to decide whether to strike Russia with weapons they have supplied.

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