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SINOBOOM Celebrates 15th Anniversary with Emphasis on Global Expansion

18 maggio 2023 | 14.20
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CHANGSHA, China, May 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On May 10th and 11th, SINOBOOM, a prominent manufacturer of MEWPs (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) that specializes in researching, manufacturing, selling, and servicing a wide range of access solutions, celebrated its 15th anniversary with a series of events, including a Global Partners Summit themed "Support Global Partners with Dedication and Difference", an Intelligent Manufacturing Park tour, and a Groundbreaking Ceremony for Its Phase II Scissors Factory. This celebration marked a new chapter for the company, emphasizing that globalization is its key strategy and that it is embarking on a rapid acceleration process.

In his welcome speech at the Global Partners Summit, SINOBOOM's Chairman and Founder, Steven Liu, presented a development blueprint for SINOBOOM from multiple perspectives, including future business layout, research and development, supply chain construction, and after-sales service, which will support the company's vision and achieve its mission of bringing a better life for humanity.

"We always position ourselves as a value provider. Together with our global partners, we create value through cooperation," said Dawei He, International Sales Director of SINOBOOM. "To sustain our growth in the international market in 2023, we plan to continue investing overseas across the entire spectrum of the MEWP value chain covering digitalized manufacturing, parts, and service, used machines, localized operation, people, and product development. Furthermore, SINOBOOM is in the process of building more overseas subsidiaries, including manufacturing bases and product development centers."

During the event, SINOBOOM's partners and clients from around the world, visited the SINOBOOM Intelligent Manufacturing Park where they were able to test out SINOBOOM's latest offerings, such as the AB10ERJN, a lightweight and compact articulating boom lift with enhanced agility that is ideal for restricted and sensitive work sites. They also had the chance to experience the AB16EJ Plus, an environmentally friendly and energy-saving articulating boom lift designed to prioritize safety and minimize maintenance. The guests were thoroughly impressed by the intelligence of the production line, the innovative design and exceptional performance of the products.

The park, with a total planning site of about 1.2 million square meters and an investment of 6 billion yuan, is set to become a high-end intelligent manufacturing plant in the MEWP industry.  Phase II construction will significantly bolster SINOBOOM's manufacturing capacities, enhancing the modernization of the industrial chain. By building a lighthouse factory, SINOBOOM is set to deliver more value to the industry.

Vera Livera.tx@sinoboom.com

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