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Ge Jun, Global CEO of TOJOY, Delivered a Speech on Advocating the Great Sharing Economy

12 maggio 2023 | 17.30
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BEIJING, May 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- From May 8th to 10th, 2023, the 12th Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) was held in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. Ge Jun, Global CEO of TOJOY Shared Holding Group, was invited to talk about the investment paradigm shifting brought by global technological breakthroughs, climate change, pandemic impact and geopolitical tensions.

"Given the size of the market, the context of government initiatives to pursue sustainable development and improve people's health and well-being, China's economic field has burst out with great potential. Ge Jun emphasized at the Global Leaders Debate panel which was held at the opening session.

Ge Jun cited Hurun's 2023 Global Unicorn List as an example. Currently, there are around 1,300 unicorns in the world, of which 666, or 48% come from the United States and 316, or 23% are from China. According to Ge Jun, despite the gap between the two countries in terms of quantity, unicorns in China, after combining their market size and market value, are of similar scale to their US counterparts. This undoubtedly proves the great potential of Chinese unicorns.

"This round of global epidemic has stimulated people's concern for health and investment in health." Ge Jun said that the outline of the "Healthy China 2030 Plan" issued by the Chinese State Council has set a clear target of 16 trillion yuan of investment by 2030. The healthcare industry will usher in unprecedented opportunities for its development in China. At the same time, China is an advocate and leader of the dual-carbon economy. This will also release huge market opportunities for global investors.

In the keynote speech during the China-Arab Unicorn Summit, Ge Jun shared the topic of SME innovation based on his own experience, which attracted wide attention from global investors and entrepreneurs.

Before joining TOJOY, Ge Jun served as Global Vice President of Intel, Apple and Nvidia, three of the Global Fortune 500 companies, and had unique views on the development of global technology enterprises and business model innovation. When citing Apple as an example, Ge Jun mentioned that Apple's advantage is the establishment of a "super platform" for developers. Such platform has helped tens of millions of APP developers in the world grow rapidly and help them expand their products to the world.

"For start-ups, their advantages are often focused on product capabilities and innovative technologies, but they lack relevant industrial resources and market base"

Ge Jun introduced TOJOY, a company with 32 years of experience in enterprise acceleration and has a tremendous industrial resource pool. The core business of TOJOY is to provide high-quality innovative enterprises with acceleration engines and help realize their business transformation.

Up to now, TOJOY's platform has gathered more than 2.8 million SME owners and over 18,000 potential innovative enterprises, of which 160 are being accelerated.

"In China, about 10,000 innovative enterprises need various resources to support their development every year, and 10 million traditional SME owners to transform and upgrade. That requires empowerment from shared platforms, which is our responsibility.".

Ge Jun's speech was widely praised among the participants, and will enhance investors' confidence in investing and running businesses in the Chinese market.

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