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OriginGPS to present IoTrackers to enable building POCs for IoT projects within 3 weeks - European Pavilion, MWC, Barcelona

27 febbraio 2023 | 10.01
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The new trio of IoTrackers was developed especially for these times of uncertainty, when companies need to verify their innovation is technologically feasible before investing time and money into A-Z testing procedures and production. A major benefit of building a proof of concept with an IoTracker from OriginGPS is that the brain of the product is the very same one used in the pilot and production stages.

AIRPORT CITY, Israel, Feb. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- OriginGPS, the global market leader in miniature GNSS modules and cellular IoT systems, will be exhibiting at the European Pavilion along with 19 other tech companies which were hand-selected for their innovative solutions. OriginGPS will present GNSS modules and IoT products which come equipped with a dashboard displaying multiple IoT devices on a map with configurable trip routes, location history per selected dates, and color-coding indicating the different modes of the connected devices - sleep, awake, and low battery.

The IoTrackers cost €190 each and were designed for a variety of solutions, together they present a range of dimensions and key features. Measuring just 38x22x16mm, the PPT IoTracker is ideal for tracking solutions when size really matters, the ATT IoTracker includes a debugging capability to verify product performance, and the FMT IoTracker features sensor connectability - enabling sensors to be connected externally, such as environmental or agricultural sensors and switches.

In line with the OriginGPS' tradition, the wide range of GNSS modules will be on display at the booth. This will include the latest addition of a dual-frequency module for cost-effective solutions requiring accurate GPS positioning of sub-1m. This dual-frequency duo of modules now includes location accuracy of 10cms and sub-1m.

OriginGPS will be showcasing its GNSS modules, cellular IoT systems, and IoTracker series at MWC, Barcelona, February 27 - March 2 at the European Pavilion, Booth A.1820 and at Embedded World, Nuremberg, Booth 3-127.

About OriginGPS

OriginGPS develops miniature GNSS and cellular IoT solutions. For over a decade, our experts have been developing ultra-sensitive, reliable, high-performance modules, systems and devices to help monitor and track everything valuable to you and your business. Reducing project resources and dramatically shortening time-to-market, our products are ideal for asset tracking, smart cities, fleet management, precision agriculture, law enforcement, and pet/people tracking apps. origingps.com

Media Contact

Lisa HarelMarketing Manager, OriginGPSlisa.harel@origingps.com

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