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XTX Markets announces sponsorship of the Ukraine International Mathematical Olympiad team

09 maggio 2023 | 15.38
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LONDON, May 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- XTX Markets is pleased to announce that it has become the principal sponsor of the Ukraine International Mathematical Olympiad ('IMO') team for 2023 and 2024. XTX will support the Ukraine IMO team by funding coaching, training camps and competitions for the next two years, as well as providing scholarships for 6 students to complete their A-levels in the UK.


Following the invasion of Ukraine, XTX Markets has supported the Ukraine team's coaching and training camps, leading up to the final selection for IMO 2023. The final selection came after the Ukraine National Competition, which was held in Uzhorod, in Kyiv and at the National Mathematics and Science College ('NatMatSci') in the U.K. The 6 Ukraine IMO team participants selected are: Yevheniia Frankevych, Polina Henyk, Kseniia Drozdova, Alisa Potomkina, Ivan Bortnovskyi and Volodymyr Chib.

Ihor Pyliaev, the joint top scorer of the IMO 2022 for the Ukraine team, commented: 'After two years of the Covid pandemic followed by the invasion, the camps in Poland, Austria and France have been a truly remarkable experience. Being together with strong mathematics students, trained by great coaches and just simply staying in peace has certainly made an invaluable contribution to our success.'

The Ukraine team also ran out as overall winners of the European Girls Mathematics Olympiad, which took place in Slovenia in April 2023, including a perfect score from Polina Henyk.  

Yevheniia Frankevych, currently a student at NatNatSci and the Lviv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum, commented: 'I am thrilled that our team won the competition especially considering the circumstances. I would love to say thank you to all teachers and organizers for all the camps in Poland, Austria, France and the training sessions throughout the past year. This has helped us immensely.'

As part of XTX Markets' support for the Ukraine IMO team, 6 students have come to study for their A-levels as boarding students at the NatMatSci. In addition, a full-year online training program has been launched, enabling students who stayed in Ukraine to train together with those who had to leave.

Oleksiy Klurman, Lecturer at the School of Mathematics at the University of Bristol and the Ukraine IMO Team Manager, commented: 'Last year, after the invasion, it became evident that we must significantly adjust our system of working with mathematically gifted students in Ukraine. Thanks to the enormous support of XTX Markets, we have been able to set up a new training system, run various training camps and our team has been able to take part in international mathematics competitions around the world. The experience of working with the team from XTX Markets has been truly amazing.'

Alex Gerko, Founder/Co-CEO of XTX Markets, commented: 'XTX is delighted to be supporting the Ukraine IMO team over the next 2 years and we wish them every success at the upcoming IMO.'

About XTX Markets:

XTX Markets is a leading algorithmic trading firm which partners with counterparties, exchanges and e-trading venues globally to provide liquidity in the Equity, FX, Fixed Income, Futures and Commodity markets. XTX has over 190 employees based in London, Paris, New York, Mumbai, Yerevan and Singapore. XTX is consistently a top 5 liquidity provider globally in FX (Euromoney 2018-present) and is also the largest European equities (systematic internaliser) liquidity provider (Rosenblatt FY 2020/2021/2022).

The company's corporate philanthropy focuses on STEM education and maximum impact giving (alongside an employee matching programme). Since 2017, XTX has donated over £70 million to charities and good causes, establishing it as a major donor in the UK and globally.

Over the past year, the XTX Markets' Academic Sanctuaries Fund has delivered £10.1mn in funding for academic sanctuaries projects. This includes direct funding for studentships, fellowships and research positions for 336 people across 45 institutions globally. It also includes funding for 13 innovation projects in the UK and Ukraine, which will reach hundreds more people.

In a changing world, XTX Markets is at the forefront of making financial markets fairer and more efficient for all.

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