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Sun Nuclear Showcases Evolving and Expanding Quality Management Portfolio at ESTRO 2023 Meeting

12 maggio 2023 | 18.17
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Comprehensive Product Offering across Radiation Therapy & Diagnostic Imaging QA

MELBOURNE, Fla., May 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Sun Nuclear, a Mirion Medical company (Mirion, NYSE: MIR), will highlight the latest innovations for Quality Management at the ESTRO Annual Meeting beginning Friday, May 12, in Vienna, Austria. Industry gold standard and novel Radiation Therapy and Diagnostic Imaging QA solutions will be featured in ESTRO booth #150 throughout the meeting, with product demonstrations and user presentations.

On Sunday, May 14, Sun Nuclear will hold its annual lunch symposium, featuring insights from leaders in the field of Radiation Therapy. During the symposium, Rhydian Caines, M.Sc., of The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust (Liverpool, United Kingdom) will present on his centre's experience using the SunCHECK® Platform, including highlights from his ESTRO abstract, When no news is good news: commercial automated EPID in vivo dosimetry deployed as a safety check.1 The abstract aims to demonstrate the effectiveness of the SunCHECK Platform as "an efficient and practical solution for large-scale deployment of IVD [in-vivo dosimetry] as a safety check within a VMAT-first treatment paradigm."

Featured SolutionsIn booth #150, Sun Nuclear will feature comprehensive solutions that address:

The SunCHECK® Platform will also be featured in the GE HealthCare booth (#1440) at ESTRO, as part of its showcase on interoperability and workflows in Radiation Oncology. The GE HealthCare iRT ecosystem is slated for compatibility with SunCHECK® Patient software.

"We are eager to share our comprehensive solutions for Quality Management with ESTRO attendees. As our product offerings continue to evolve, from market-leading stereotactic solutions to market redefining solutions like SunCHECK, we further expand our range of solutions to cover more needs for the radiation therapy field," said Luis Rivera, President of Radiation Therapy QA for Mirion Medical.

To learn more about the featured solutions and talk schedule, visit sunnuclear.com/estro.

In 2022, Sun Nuclear become part of Mirion Medical. ESTRO attendees will notice new branding reflected in the Sun Nuclear booth and the inclusion of CIRS solutions, which are now part of the Sun Nuclear brand.

About Sun NuclearSun Nuclear and CIRS are part of Mirion Medical, a group of healthcare-focused brands within Mirion (NYSE: MIR). We provide innovative solutions for Radiation Therapy and Diagnostic Imaging centers. More than 5,000 cancer centers worldwide rely on us for independent, integrated Quality Management. With a focus on ongoing support, Sun Nuclear aims to ease technology adoption, enhance workflows and improve outcomes – so that healthcare providers can achieve real results for Patient Safety. Visit us: sunnuclear.com. Follow us: @sunnuclear.

ContactsFor investor inquiries:Jerry Estesir@mirion.com

For media inquiries:Erin Schesnymedia@mirion.com

1 PO-1665 When no news is good news: commercial automated EPID in vivo dosimetry deployed as a safety check; R. Caines, M. Gilmore, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust, Medical Physics, Liverpool, United Kingdom

*The SunSCAN 3D system is not available for sale in all markets. CE mark pending.

Sun Nuclear, SunCHECK, SunSCAN 3D, and MotionCHECK 3D are registered trademarks of Mirion Technologies, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and/or other countries.

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