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Di Maio supports Ukraine's counteroffensive

14 settembre 2022 | 20.37
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Di Maio supports Ukraine's counteroffensive

Italy backs the counteroffensive begun by Ukrainian forces against Russia over the past week, but urges a rapid end to the conflict and European action to cap energy prices, according to foreign minister Luigi Di Maio.

"Since Russia invaded the European continent, a world gas, food and raw materials war began, which is impacting the entire planet. We hope that the war will end as soon as possible with a peace agreement," Di Maio told Radio Cusano Campus.

But to be able to sit down at the negotiating table, Ukrainians needed first to start the significant counteroffensive which is gradually halting the Russian forces, Di Maio added.

Europe has been right to support Ukraine since Russia invaded the former Soviet republic on 24 February, but must "react in time" on gas and energy prices, Di Maio added.

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