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Police seize alleged Sicilian mafia assets of over €100mln

03 febbraio 2016 | 14.07
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Police impounded assets of more than 100 million euros on Wednesday from the heirs of a mafia-linked Sicilian property developer including real estate, vehicles, bank accounts and companies.

Italy's anti-mafia directorate ordered the seizure of the assets from the heirs of Francesco Pecora, a defendant in several mafia trials alongside high-profile suspects including Pippo Calo, Antonino Rotolo, Tommaso Spadaro and Giuseppe Ficarra.

The assets seized included 168 properties including apartments, villas, warehouses and land, as well as six companies and bank accounts.

Pecora's company allegedly coordinated the laundering of mafia assets including on the Italian mainland. He died in 2011.

His daughter Caterina is the wife of one of Italy's 30 most-wanted mafia fugitives, Giovanni Motisi, while one of Spadaro's in-laws, property developer Salvatore Sbeglia is a mafia convict.

Spadaro's business partner, Raffaele Ganci, is a local mafia boss in Palermo.

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