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Russia sanctions, aid to Ukraine to end conflict - Mattarella

31 gennaio 2023 | 19.10
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Russia sanctions, aid to Ukraine to end conflict - Mattarella

Support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia must be aimed at ending the 11-month-old war in the former Soviet state, according to Italy's president Mattarella.

"Political, economic and military aid to Ukraine and sanctions targeting Russia serve to end the conflict, not to fuel it," Mattarella said.

Mattarella was speaking during talks in Rome with his Hungarian counterpart Katalin Novak, who was on an official visit to Italy.

The talks focused on the political, economic and humanitarian consequences of Russia's invasion Ukraine, Italy-Hungary ties, the future of the European Union, and the issues around migration, the western Balkans and the persecution of Christian minorities in the world.

Foreign minister Antonio Tajani also attended the talks, said a statement from the Quirinal palace.

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