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Tajani echoes Metsola on European Union asylum overhaul

Tajani echoes Metsola on European Union asylum overhaul
13 settembre 2023 | 11.02
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European Union states must agree a deal that could overhaul the bloc's asylum system for the first time in years, with a tougher repatriation policy and measures to fight human trafficking, Antonio Tajani tweeted on Wednesday.

"Immigration is a European problem. It needs to be solved with the participation of all European Union countries,"Tajani wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

"And the EU institutions must be part of the solution. The implementation times of agreements with countries of origin and transit should be speeded up," Tajani underlined

"Good for @EP_President," concluded the tweet.

European Parliament Roberta Metsola on Wednesday told MEPs: "We need a repatriation policy that is more coherent and stronger than the current one".

"An we must be very strong against traffickers of the most vulnerable people in the world," Metsola said upon her arrival at the Strasbourg Plenary.

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