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Premium Zero Emission Sub brand of Higer-FENCER and Fencer f1 Integral EV unveiled at Bus World Brussels 2023

09 ottobre 2023 | 17.48
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BRUSSELS, Oct. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Higer, as one of the world's largest bus manufacturers, has fully engaged the journey of the green transformation. So far, nearly 70000 new energy vehicles running globally, reducing carbon emissions 8 million tons per year, by contributing technology and product solution to make the world greener.

In order to hold on increasingly severe climate change, HIGER will continue to shoulder such a mission and responsibility, propel the industry chain higher, faster, and stronger toward greener. That's the mission of FENCER.

Fencer, brand definition:

Fencer is inspired from Fencing sport, that represent passion, brave, enthusiasm and dare to win. Fencer gear and equipment inspire the design feature, sharp, streamline and letter F fill in.

Fencer, product portfolio:

Focus on Zero-emission, BEV + Hydrogen, based on FMA (FENCER modular architecture).

Product scope, city, intercity, coach, double decker, one stop shop.

Fencer, features:


1. Modularized body and chassis structure, it is sharing within the whole Fencer family.

2. The benefit of modular, Parallel Production process, enhance the flexibility and efficient.

of production, and modular sharing could enlarge the cost efficiency. And of course will benefit the aftersales service.


with High strength steel monologue structure, and use lot composite Floor and side panel, which will contribute around 1000KG weight saving compare with conventional method, and 15~20% energy saving.

Low carbon:

peak carbon emission commitment 2030, as a bus industry leader, Higer continue to strive for the target, with lower emission production process, enlarge green electricity coverage and green logistic. Green partners shoulder to shoulder in sourcing.

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2242032/FENCER.jpg


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