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Vittra APS Unique composite by FGM is appointed as a solution to a clinical problem by the renowned agency Dental Advisor

24 agosto 2023 | 12.00
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JOINVILLE, Brazil, Aug. 24, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- The Vittra APS Unique composite, by FGM Dental Group, was recognized for its chameleon effect in the publication Clinical Problem Solvers of the renowned American agency Dental Advisor - a global reference in the field of dentistry. In the publication, consultants analyze products which offer solutions to clinical problems.

The problem presented by the publication was the difficulty in finding a material that will truly blend with the surrounding tooth structure, especially when there are variances in color throughout the tooth. Too often dentists use a blending composite that will appear too translucent or needs to have a dentin or blocking shade material placed at the base to assist in the color transition. As a solution to this problem, FGM's Vittra APS Unique composite was tested.

According to evaluator, the composite provides that blocking-out ability without having

to stock a base material in your office. Due to the APS technology (advanced polymerization system) working time is extended. "This material truly is "Unique" in that it will minimize your material stocking as it is one shade adapting to all shades, and will give you a color blend," says Prince.

The product simplifies work with quality. "Vittra APS Unique is one of the rare choices that allow the clinician to minimize steps and always get the color of their restorations right", explains Doctor Dayse Amaral, professor at Unigranrio University, RJ -Brazil. In addition to the Vittra APS Unique composite, Wit Essential by FGM has also been awarded by Dental Advisor for four consecutive years as the take-home whitening gel.

"FGM is honored and proud to be cited once again in the publication recognized for being a guide for professionals around the world for its sound and high-quality research. We, at FGM, are proud to have our work based on science and high technology, which guarantees safety and the best results for professionals and patients, transforming smiles around the world", comments the CEO of FGM, Bianca Mittelstadt.

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2192743/Vittra_Unique_FGM.jpg

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