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11 luglio 2023 | 08.17
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MADRID, July 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 28th, following a brief cooperation signing and delivery ceremony at OMODA's global headquarters, 51 units of OMODA 5 were split into 17 containers and shipped from Wuhu Port, officially completing the delivery of the first batch of orders in the European region.

The AVERA, a freighter carrying high anticipation, gracefully arrived at the Port of Las Palmas in Spain on June 21st, marking the long-awaited entrance of the first batch of OMODA 5 vehicles into the European continent. Registration procedures have now commenced, setting yet another significant milestone in OMODA's global expansion.

Embodying the vision of co-creating a user-focused ecosystem, the OMODA 5 was designed with the global market in mind right from the start. With a focus on enhancing driving scenarios and experiential value, this cutting-edge vehicle aims to elevate the overall quality of life. Boasting futuristic design aesthetics and adhering to global five-star security standards, OMODA 5 has earned immense popularity amongst users worldwide, achieving remarkable sales performance in Mexico, Turkey, Australia, Israel and the Middle East. Since its launch last year, over 80,000 units have been sold, with sales expected to exceed 200,000 units by year-end.

From the initial layout plan formulated 7 years ago to the preparation for market entry today, OMODA's ascent into the automotive industry has been a remarkable journey. The arrival of the first batch of vehicles at port merely marks the beginning of a series of actions, with orders for markets like Spain and Italy already in the process of production and delivery. It is anticipated that the official launch in the European region will take place in the fourth quarter of this year. The EV version of OMODA 5, which has been kept under wraps, will also be unveiled at that time, with at least two versions available, contributing to the development of the 'dual carbon economy' in the European region.

Embracing an internationalization and localization strategy, OMODA leverages its crossover style, impressive performance, and the latest intelligent technology to expand its user base and engage in delightful experiences with consumers. In September, an exciting global user event will be held, showcasing the latest intelligent ecosystem and complementary products, creating an unforgettable rendezvous with consumers. Stay tuned for more details.

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/2149777/image_5011064_17795680.jpg

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