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Deepki acquires Nooco, VINCI Energies' subsidiary specialized in embedded carbon measurement, positioning itself to analyze the entire building life-cycle

25 maggio 2023 | 07.31
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PARIS, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Deepki, the world-leading ESG platform for real estate, today announced its acquisition of Nooco, the French SaaS company that measures and optimizes the carbon footprint of building construction and renovation projects, from VINCI Energies.

Nooco specializes in measuring the carbon footprint of construction projects (new projects, rehabilitation, renovation, operations, maintenance, and end-of-life).  Incubated within VINCI Energies over three years, Nooco has become an established industry standard, quickly and reliably calculating carbon emissions, which is essential in the context of the new RE2020 regulation, which aims to reduce the impact of buildings on the climate.

The acquisition will give Deepki the ability to analyze the complete life-cycle of an asset, while accelerating the development of Nooco and improving recognition of CO₂ as an industry KPI, taking into account all potential sources of carbon emissions.

Vincent Bryant and Emmanuel Blanchet, co-founders of Deepki, state:

"Nooco is a highly advanced technology company that has become a true benchmark in the construction and renovation industry. Its offer is complementary to ours, and will enable us to expand our expertise to better support the real estate industry as a whole - which is responsible for 36% of energy consumption and 37% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide - in its necessary transition towards zero carbon."

Guillaume Jarlot, founder of Nooco, comments:

"The Nooco team is delighted to join Deepki to further develop our offer as a leading platform for the decarbonization of the entire industry. As part of the Deepki group, Nooco aims to strengthen its position as a trusted partner to the French and, in 2024, European markets. Our sole objective: to support the industry's organic transition by equipping decision-makers and end-users with the means to autonomously tackle the CO₂ challenges they face in their construction and renovation projects."

Olivier Genelot, Managing Director of the Île-de-France Building Solutions Division at VINCI Energies, adds:

"We created Nooco to quickly calculate the carbon footprint of different projects. By handing it over to Deepki, we are allowing it to continue its development. We trust them to efficiently evaluate the impact of our decarbonization initiatives through the use of construction alternatives, low carbon products and reuse solutions."

View original content:https://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/deepki-acquires-nooco-vinci-energies-subsidiary-specialized-in-embedded-carbon-measurement-positioning-itself-to-analyze-the-entire-building-life-cycle-301833856.html

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