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Tianlong Announces Global Release of GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor and Gentier mini+ Real-time PCR System

31 marzo 2023 | 12.10
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Featuring flexibility and portability, the two products are ideal for small laboratories or on-site testing needs.

XI'AN, China, March 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Tianlong, an innovative high-tech company specializing in molecular diagnostic products, has announced the global release of two new products, the GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor and the Gentier mini+ Real-time PCR System. Featuring compact design and portability, they can provide researchers and clinicians with reliable and efficient tools for nucleic acid extraction and real-time PCR applications.

"We know that throughput waste and lack of space are two common concerns for many laboratories and clinical operators so Tianlong has positioned ourselves well for the imminent increased demand for flexible throughput. Accordingly, we have developed GeneFlex16, which can flexibly form 16 x n different throughputs, which meets requirements for the simultaneous extraction of multiple projects without mutual interference, thereby significantly improving extraction efficiency," said Li Ming, CEO of Tianlong.

Based on Tianlong's proprietary patented technology, the German Red Dot Design Award 2021 winning GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor is designed to provide flexible throughput for researchers and clinicians.

GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor also features:

The Gentier mini+ Real-time PCR System is a compact and portable instrument designed for the detection and prevention of animal diseases, infectious diseases, food safety, and scientific research applications. This lightweight device is ideal for use in mobile laboratories, small laboratories, or on-site testing needs as it does not take up much space. The instrument is equipped with multiple fluorescent channels and a rapid heating and cooling rate, which significantly reduces the duration of experiments. With its advanced features and portability, the Tianlong Gentier mini+ Real-time PCR System revolutionizes and solves the problem of limited space and fragmented samples in the lab, ensuring ease-of-use with higher accuracy and efficiency.

Gentier mini+ Real-time PCR System Highlights:

Li Zheng, Instrument R&D Director of Tianlong, said: "Gentier mini+ has multiple fluorescent channels, which are compatible with more reagents, especially multi-target reagents, and has a fast heating and cooling rate, which shortens experiment times. A highlight is the adoption of a maintenance-free LED light source for fluorescence scanning."

With the launch of the GeneFlex Nucleic Acid Extractor and Gentier mini+ Real-time PCR System, Tianlong is providing integrated PCR lab solutions for more researchers and clinical professionals around the globe. The two instruments are small, portable, and are specifically designed for mobile laboratories, small laboratories, or on-site testing needs. Matched with various extraction reagents and PCR reagents from Tianlong, the GeneFlex extraction instrument, paired with the Gentier mini+ PCR instrument, can be applied to various detection items, including detection of genetic, respiratory, and blood diseases.

About Tianlong

Tianlong is an innovative high-tech company specializing in molecular diagnostic products in China. Since its foundation in 1997, Tianlong has devoted itself to providing integrated PCR lab solutions for professionals worldwide. We have a wide range of products covering from devices to reagents, including nucleic acid extractors, Real-time PCR systems, All-in-one molecular diagnosis systems, sample processing systems, liquid handling systems, and 300 kinds of compatible reagents.

For more information, please visit Tianlong and its pages on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

For product or corporate information inquiry, please reach out to inquiry@medtl.com.

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