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Italy eyes new space collaboration projects

20 giugno 2022 | 18.48
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Italy eyes new space collaboration projects

Top industries and trade associations from Italy's aerospace sector were set to explore new space cooperation projects at an event in Rome that kicked off on Monday attended by top officials from the International Italian-Latin American Organization's 18 national space agencies and the European Space Agency.

The event, organized by the IILA and by Italy's foreign ministry, in partnership with the Italian Space Agency and the Italian Trade & Investment Agency (ICE), is taking place at the foreign ministry, the ministry said in a statement.

Latin American ambassadors to Italy, senior office-bearers from the Italian Parliament and numerous other dignitaries were set to attend the meeting, the statement said.

"The Italian-Latin American partnership in this sector, both through university and scientific cooperation and collaboration in the technology and business sector, has a very high potential that the event aims to promote and disseminate," the statement noted.

The meeting is being held within the framework of the 'IILA for Space: space diplomacy and economy in favour of sustainable development' project, according to the statement.

The event’s rich program will continue on Thursday with a second day of working sessions focussed on to the dissemination of space-oriented technologies for sustainable development and growth, the statement noted.

On Wednesday through Friday, the various delegations to the meeting will visit Italian industries of the sector with the aim of boosting networking of Latin American small and medium-sized enterprises and startups.

The Italian companies hosting the visits include AVIO, a leading company in the space propulsion sector, headquartered in Colleferro (province of Rome); ASI headquartered in Matera, in Basilicata, which also hosts the head offices of e-GEOS (ASI/Telespazio), one of the world’s major players in the field of Earth observation and of geospatial information, said the statement.

Other companies include Sitael, a global leader in the field of aerospace and transport based in Bari; D-Orbit, a company operating in the field of space logistics and transport services based in Milan; Leonardo (headquartered in Milan), a leader in the aerospace, defence and security sector; and OHB-Italia, one of Europe's leading space companies and leader in space and Earth observation missions.

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