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Alpha-Ionone - Blue California's New Aromatic Compound Produced by Fermentation


RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, California, Sept. 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue California, a manufacturer of purified natural specialty ingredients and flavor compounds for use in food products introduced today natural Alpha-Ionone, a ketone with a delicate violet-like and a woody-fruity aroma applicable for use in a variety of food products, perfumery and other consumer products.

Alpha-Ionone is a versatile aromatic flavor compound found naturally in various edible fruits and nuts as well as teas, beans and other food sources.  This aromatic compound is widely used in fragrances for its valuable violet aroma and in flavor for consumer products like chewing gum, beverages, bakery and confectioneries.

Development of this flavor and fragrance compound was achieved through the company's innovative fermentation and enzyme technology using natural and wild strains of microbes to ensure the EU Natural status of this ingredient.

"Alpha-Ionone produced by fermentation will offer more versatility to product developers in the fragrance, food and beverage industries." Commented Cecilia McCollum, Blue California's executive vice president. "The unique fermentation technology developed by Conagen, Inc for Blue California, ensures the naturalness and Non-GMO status for these aromatic ingredients and makes them uniquely suited for the global market" Added McCollum. The Non-GMO status of food ingredients is increasingly considered a requisite for market entry.

The company's manufacturing facilities maintain GMP and BRC certifications to ensure the purity and consistent value and quality of the natural ingredients they offer to the world market.

Blue California is a recognized industry leader in innovation and manufacture of high purity natural compounds and botanical extracts for the food, beverage, cosmetics and flavor industries.

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