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EZVIZ unveils landmark innovations with connectivity technology at IFA 2023, bringing interconnected and future-oriented smart lifestyles to families globally

01 settembre 2023 | 10.00
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The company showcases its latest developments in home security, smart cleaning, and portable power, along with whole-home solutions elevated by connectivity and sustainability.

BERLIN, Sept. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- EZVIZ, a world-leading smart home company, joined the celebration of advanced technology at IFA 2023 with the theme "DREAM EASY, LIVE SMART." To elevate people's living spaces with safety, convenience, and pleasure, EZVIZ wowed the show floor with an impressive range of new launches, including 4G security cameras, smart video doorbells, robot vacuum cleaners, outdoor power solutions, and more. Customers can also explore the company's interactive booth virtually online or at IFA Hall 22 at Booth No.114.

This year, EZVIZ's innovations go beyond individual devices. It introduces IoT connectivity technology EZVIZ Connect, and the A3 gateway that supported Matter and Apple HomeKit compatibility for greater whole-house use. Moreover, EZVIZ re-affirms its unwavering commitment to sustainability by launching environmentally-friendly product lines and advocating for its first green campaign.

"Every September, IFA represents our prime chance to showcase the progress we've made in smart home technology," said Guanlan Chen, EZVIZ's global product director. "Our evolving smart home system underscores our ability to offer leading solutions that simplify, secure, and enhance lives." 

Following decades-long leadership in home security, EZVIZ is diversifying its offerings to meet varied demands in the past year. Introducing the CB5, a battery camera with built-in solar panel, and the H8c 4G outdoor battery camera cater to remote home protection needs. EZVIZ also tackled mobility needs through solar-power-supported portable stations for reliable charging during emergencies and outdoor activities.

For indoor needs, EZVIZ launches the RS20 Pro, a 2-in-1 robot vacuum and mop with advanced cleaning technology and automatic dust collection. And the smart cleaning robot series includes products like RE4 and RE4 Plus that are part of the EZVIZ Green project, as they use recycled materials and part of their sales help support the company's global tree-planting plan

EZVIZ also takes a systematic approach to smart homes, designing scalable products. The new HP7 video door phone can serve as a central hub, linking and controlling all EZVIZ devices. With EZVIZ Connect, it seamlessly integrates cameras, sensors, and locks for effortless home automation. Additionally, EZVIZ announces its plan with Matter with the new A3 Gateway and its first Apple HomeKit camera E6, enhancing cross-brand compatibility, and ensuring greater user convenience.

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