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Up to 5 million face hunger in Yemen - UN

04 gennaio 2021 | 18.20
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Photo: Sudarsan Raghavan/ - The Washington Post

Up to five million people in Yemen don't know where their next meal is coming from and famine is menacing some areas of the war-ravaged country, the United Nations warned on Monday.

"Life in Yemen for millions gets harder each day," the Rome-based World Food Programme's regional office tweeted.

"Up to 5 million facing critical levels of food insecurity. Pockets of famine-like conditions have returned. Up to 1 in 4 children are malnourished in worst-hit areas," the tweet added.

Famine has never been officially declared in Yemen, which is the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, according to the UN. A six-year war between a Saudi-backed coalition and the Iran-aligned Shia Houthi movement has left 80% of the population reliant on aid.

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