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World Agriculture Day


OTTAWA, Canada, June 17, 2016 /PRNewswire/ --

World Agriculture Day will be celebrated every June 11.

This event was launched in the Canadian capital of Ottawa on June 11, 2016.

This historic event was designed to celebrate humankind's most important activity: AGRICULTURE. Agriculture is crucial to each of the seven billion humans on the planet-it allows us to fill our plates every day.


"Through the initiative of the AGyours Group, we are seeking to reconnect people with the earth and to give them a feeling of belonging to the most crucial of all human activities. Our slogan: "Agriculture belongs to YOU." Agriculture is everybody's business, not just agricultural farmers earning a living, but also for consumers." Leonard Pigeon, co-founder of World Agriculture Day.

People are concerned about where their food comes from. Meanwhile the plate of young people stops at grocery stores. We are drowning in a sea of misinformation. It is essential for people to have access to accurate information and for younger generations to receive the reassurance they need. We should place our trust in the farming experts who hold real knowledge of agriculture.


Food-based prevention! This concept lies at the very origin of food, namely agriculture. So let us support OUR agriculture. A purposeful activity based on science and expertise.

The emblematic video for WorldAgriculture Day is an eloquent demonstration of this concept. "To ensure the birth of healthy children, we turn to science and the expertise of the medical sector. And to ensure the healthy development of healthy children, they must have access to food produced a healthy agriculture." Nadine Fougeron, co-founder and official spokesperson.


By acquiring a virtual piece of farmland for their children, parents and parents-to-be will be supporting agricultural research. For a healthy diet and a clean environment!

The very first global program on potato research at McGill University in Canada will be supported by public contributions.

Visit our website: http://www.worldagday.com

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Nadine Fougeron Co-founder +1-819-437-0763nfougeron@agyours.comLeonard Pigeon Co-founder +1-450-776-3901lpigeon@agyours.com 

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