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EU foreign policy chief in Expo visit

08 maggio 2015 | 16.58
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European foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini is due to visit the Save the Children pavilion at Milan's Expo trade fair Saturday, the charity said in a statement.

Save the Children Italy's director Valerio Neri will greet Mogherini and show her around the charity's pavilion at the trade fair, which opened on 1 May and runs until end-October.

The pavilion is themed around mother and infant nutrition and malnutrition and safeguarding child migrants reaching Europe by boat.

A total of 1,686 foreign minors have already arrived in Italy this year, Save the Children Italy said on Thursday in a statement.

The charity and other organisations have written an open letter urging the government to issue a decree giving all child migrants arriving in Italy the protection granted to asylum-seekers and refugees, the statement said.

Save the Children last month urged the EU to set up a search and rescue mission in the Mediterranean, where over 1,750 migrants are feared to have died this year during a surge in perilous boat crossings to Europe.

Some 51,000 migrants have entered Europe by sea, 30,500 via Italy, according to the UN refugee agency.

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