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Giovedì 28 Gennaio 2021
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Italy, Libya 'mulling prisoner exchanges'

13 gennaio 2021 | 12.30
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Rome, 12 Jan. (AKI)

The "general principle" of swapping prisoners was on the agenda at during talks in Rome between Italy's interior minister Luciana Lamorgese and Libya's deputy premier Ahmed Maitig, he wrote on Facebook late Tuesday.

Lamorgese and Maitig also discussed the training of coastguard and guards at Libya's land borders agreed in a 2017 deal between Italy and Libya on stemming migration, according to Maitig's post.

In a statement on Tuesday, Lamorgese reaffirmed Italy's ongoing commitment to supporting the stabilisation of Libya - its former colony.

"Italy has will always show solidarity with Libya in strengthening its institutions and in rebuilding the country economically and socially," said the statement.

While in Rome on Tuesday, Maitig also held talks with Italy's foreign minister Luigi Di Maio, who urged Libya's rival factions to speed up progress in United Nations mediated talks on naming a new interim government ahead of elections slated for 24 December.

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