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Leading global broker, CAPEX.com, presents ThematiX, the latest addition to its "X" branded line of products

13 dicembre 2021 | 09.16
LETTURA: 2 minuti

NICOSIA, Cyprus, Dec. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Through ThematiX, CAPEX.com users can trade popular companies grouped in pre-built stock categories based on specific industries and trends such as social media, Energy, Crypto or Electric Vehicles.

The new CAPEX.com product empowers users to trade multiple stocks of the world's largest companies from different industries, market movements, or popular topics of interest by opening a single position. ThematiX makes it easy for them to track and monitor the performance of the shares they're interested in because they can check the exact weight and importance of every company stock included in each theme.

ThematiX is the third launch of CAPEX.com "X" branded line of services, aiming to change the global perception about online trading and transform complex products and markets into accessible tools and resources for investors. This already includes StoX, their proprietary 0-commission, unleveraged stock trading service, and QuantX, an innovative portfolio builder designed to create fully customized investment portfolios in a matter of minutes, according to the clients' set-up parameters.

Wasim Zayed, Executive Director at Key Way Investments Ltd, the company operating CAPEX.com under its CySEC regulation, said: 

"ThematiX helps us expand our new line of services, assisting traders in diversifying their investment options further and broadening their trading horizons. Its beauty and ease of use rely on grouping the hottest topics of interest in the markets. Our team put a lot of effort and consideration into building each ThematiX portfolio, so they also include the highest-valued stocks in the world. Through ThematiX, users can trade on the latest market stories, discover new investing ideas, and make predictions. Social media, electric vehicles, renewable energy and everything else that echoes in the world are part of our new and exciting ThematiX!"

About CAPEX.com   

CAPEX.com is a leading global trading platform providing its users with expert insights, tools, and resources to make markets accessible to a worldwide audience and offering a tailor-made trading experience. Its professional trading platforms, robust technological infrastructure, and transparent trading conditions have propelled it as one of the most respectable brokers on the international stage.  

Anchored by a global presence and regional expertise, CAPEX.com holds operating licenses from CySEC - Cyprus, ADGM FSRA – Abu Dhabi, FSA – Seychelles, and FSCA - South Africa.

Visit CAPEX and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram for more details and insights. 

Photo - https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/1707740/ThematiX.jpg

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