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Regeni tutor's hard disk, pen-drive seized

10 gennaio 2018 | 19.27
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Italian investigators probing last year's murder in Egypt of PhD student Giulio Regeni have impounded "IT materials", a computer, hard disk and pen-drive from his Cambridge University tutor, Rome prosecutors stated on Wednesday.

The items were seized from Maha Mahfouz Abdel Rahman and her home and office searched after the academic was questioned in Cambridge, UK, by prosecutor Sergio Colaiocco, the statement said.

"The IT material and the documents obtained will be useful to clear up, once and for all, the role of the professor in the matters being probed," prosecutors said.

Abdel Rahman remains a person with information on the case, and is not under investigation, they said.

Prosecutors also want to acquire the professor's mobile and fixed-line phone records from between January 2015 and February 28 last year to reconstruct her network of relations, Italian daily La Repubblica reported.

Twenty-eight-year-old Regeni's badly tortured and mutilated body was found on Cairo's outskirts in early February last year, ten days after he vanished heading to a friend's party in the centre of the city.

He had been researching independent trade unions in the city as part of his doctoral thesis.

So far no arrests have been made over Regeni's killing.

Egypt will "do everything possible" to solve Regeni's murder "in a way that is satisfactory for everyone," foreign minister Sameh Shoukry Shoukry said at a Rome summit in December.

The Egyptian government is anxious that the "tragic" Regeni case should not harm Egypt's ties with Italy, Shoukry stated.

The case severely strained bilateral ties and caused Italy to withdrew its ambassador to Egypt for 15 months in protest at a lack of progress in the investigation.

There has been widespread suspicion among western diplomats and in the Italian press that Egypt's security forces were behind Regeni's savage murder - claims strenuously denied by the Egyptian government.

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