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Solidarity between peoples priceless says Italian minister

07 aprile 2020 | 22.05
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Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio on Tuesday praised solidarity among nations after a team of medics arrived from Romania to help frontline hospital staff fight Italy's dramatic Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.

"History teaches us that solidarity between countries is priceless," Di Maio tweeted.

"Eleven doctors and seven nurses arrived in Italy today from Romania to support our hospitals," the tweet added.

There have been more Covid-19 deaths in Italy - 17.127 - more than in any other country and 135,586 have been infected since the epidemic began in February.

The outbreak - which has hit the north of Italy worst - has strained the country's health system to breaking point amid a shortage of ventilators and vital protective gear for medical staff. Over 80 doctors and several nurses have died.

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