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The first Global Sources Online Show kicks off on July 29

15 luglio 2020 | 05.00
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Experience a New Era of Sourcing

HONG KONG, July 15, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Sources announced that the first Global Sources Online Show ("GSOS") is scheduled to be held from July 29 to August 9, allowing more than two million online and tradeshow buyers worldwide to source from around 900 premium and verified suppliers with around-the-clock service for two consecutive weeks.

The first Global Sources Online Show kicks off on July 29

Traditional sourcing has been halted by lockdowns and travel restrictions around the globe. In response to the new sourcing situation, Global Sources is moving its offline sourcing experience online, in the form of its first ever GSOS. The show offers 24/7 sourcing regardless of geographic boundaries and time difference, using state-of-the-art technology to bring the best suppliers to international buyers who are unable to travel, providing real-time interaction and in-demand products across three specialized show phases.

"Global Sources is drawing on its proven trade shows and online sourcing expertise built in the last 50 years to bring buyers real-time communication with top suppliers and the latest market insights, focusing on the product categories in highest demand amid the new priorities of the COVID-19 pandemic," said Hu Wei, CEO of Global Sources. "We are creating a unique online sourcing experience for buyers and suppliers from all over the world supported by our buyer community, verified suppliers, evolving online platform and trade show expertise."

GSOS is set to feature three high-demand product categories with respective themes, including Medical & Healthcare, Study & Work From Home, and Home & Hardware. About 900 verified suppliers are expected to showcase their in-demand products which are carefully selected based on buyers' current sourcing needs.

GSOS brings new sourcing experience:

For registration and more details on GSOS, please visit https://www.gsos.com/?utm_source=Preshow_Release&utm_medium=PR_PressRelease&utm_campaign=GSOS_PR_HK20&WT.mc_id=8021415  

Global Sources Online is a professional B2B trade platform with in-depth industry specialization. With two million users, it has become the preferred sourcing platform for high-end buyers worldwide. An internationally media company and exhibition organizer based in Hong Kong for nearly 50 years, Global Sources organizes world-class sourcing events, including the world's largest electronics sourcing shows, serving tens of millions of buyers and suppliers, and is committed to promoting global trade.

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