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Foreign ministry hosts event to help businesses access non-EU markets

Italy's foreign ministry in Rome
Italy's foreign ministry in Rome
18 settembre 2023 | 19.07
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An event at the foreign ministry in Rome on Tuesday aims to help Italian businesses better access markets outside the European Union, with a special focus on Turkey and Vietnam, the ministry said in a statement.

Experts from the European Union, from Italy's main business lobby Confindustria, from the foreign ministry and Turkey and Vietnam's ambassadors to Italy are taking part in the Market Access Day, the statement said.

The event "will provide a critical opportunity for businesses and institutions to meet and discuss during a planned debate session, according to the statement.

The conference will have a hybrid format, with some participants taking part via video link, said the statement.

Businesses taking part in event will gain "an insight into the existing tools available to our exports, starting with the “Access2Markets” portal," the statement noted.

The foreign ministry and the European Commission’s DG Trade are organising the conference.

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