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Martedì 30 Novembre 2021
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Africa 'continent of the future' - Italy's Di Maio

21 aprile 2021 | 16.38
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Foreign minister Luigi Di Maio is planning to visit several countries in Africa - "the continent of the future" - which Italian companies are "watching very closely," he said on Wednesday.

"I am about to go Niger, Sudan, Ethiopia and Eritrea. These trips will be important also in order to build new economic ties," Di Maio told Radio Confapi.

"Africa is the continent of the future, which our companies are watching very closely, not just big firms like Eni, Enel Terna and Snam, that are investing in major projects, but also many small-to-medium-sized enterprises," Di Maio went on.

"These companies are grappling with extremely complex conditions" he underlined.

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