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Casio to Release G-SHOCK with Detachable Bezel in Playfully Unique Designs

01 dicembre 2022 | 02.01
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Reviving and Updating the Soft Form of the DW-001

TOKYO, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today the release of the newest additions to its family of shock-resistant G-SHOCK watches. The new G-B001 watches take the form of the DW-001 released in 1994, now adding a playful touch with detachable bezel.

With its Capsule Tough design, which fully enveloped the case in resin to provide a unique shock resistant structure, the original DW-001 introduced a new sensibility by departing from the conventional rugged, hard designs. The power and strength of G-SHOCK conveyed in a new curved, soft form proved popular.

The new G-B001 watches take the DW-001 design concept further, combining the idea of wrapping the watch with the thrill of popping open a toy capsule from a vending machine. The detachable bezel on this shock-resistant watch allows users to mix and match components to choose a favorite look that best suits their style for the day.

Retaining the soft DW-001 form, the new watches feature a double-bezel design that allows users to detach the resin bezel to reveal the metal bezel below, much like the design of a toy capsule. The resin bezel stays true to the DW-001 design with a two-tone color scheme, while hairline and mirror finishes on the individual components of the metal bezel offer a more sophisticated look and feel. This design highlights the different character of the resin and metal bezels, delivering a watch that is pop and sophisticated at the same time.

The G-B001MVE also includes an interchangeable resin bezel and band, offering even more design combinations for users to mix and match to their taste.

More information:https://www.casio.com/intl/news/2022/1201-G-B001/


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